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We offer the Whittaker Trios Encapsulation cleaning in Residential and Commercial.

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Since 1982, Chuck Biagi’s Carpet Care Plus offers sophistication that is unmatched in providing a wide variety of cleaning services to many types of businesses in the Metropolitan area. We maintain the carpets in many of Washington’s most  prestigious legal firms and property management communities.  


These firms consider the appearance of their office environment an important extension of the image that they present to their clientele.  We help by offering an affordable way to maintain their offices appearance level at a consistently higher level of clean.  


   • An extended lifespan to your carpets

   • A healthier office environment

   • Improved appearance level


Since your carpet represents a significant investment to your firm, doesn’t it make good sense to preserve and protect that investment?

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I am the receptionist for my company, and work with a lot of different vendors.  Chuck Biagi's Carpet Care Plus is hands down my favorite to work with.  Not only does he deliver consistent, beautifully clean results, his customer service is unparalleled.  I really cannot speak highly enough about his professionalism, kindness, and the care that he puts into his work.  It is rare to find someone who is so highly invested, who does their job with talent and energy, and who cares about their customer and their product.  If you need carpet care, don't miss the opportunity to work with Chuck!


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