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Mold Inspection, Cleanup and Removal Services

Chuck Biagi’s Carpet Care Plus provides expert mold inspection, cleanup and remediation services.  Locally owned and operated since 1982.

Do you know the difference between a minor water leak and a major mold crises?


About 72 hours of inactivity. Don’t wait, call immediately! Mold is an extremely toxic substance and can have serious health implications for many.  


We have worked Carpet Care Plus for more than 25 years and we trust Chuck Biagi with one of our most valued assets – our clients. Whether it’s scheduled cleaning needs or an unexpected emergency at 3AM on a Sunday morning, we can always depend on


Carpet Care Plus.

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  • Water damage from leaky pipes, windows or roofs

  • Lack of ventilation in small spaces with moisture and dampness

  • Flooding

  • Poor indoor air quality

  • High moisture and humidity


Keep Your Home Healthy, call Chuck Biagi’s Carpet Care Plus, the mold removal experts.

Before you  hire a mold remediation firm, you need to verify that they are actually ACAC accredited.  Many say they are, but most do not actually have an ACAC accreditation certificate.  Ask to see a current certification that is valid and in effect.


Our technicians are certified by the Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC), and currently hold both Water Restoration Tech (WRT) and Applied Microbial Remediation Tech (AMRT) certifications. We adhere to the standards of The American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC) and currently have a Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor (CMRS) accreditation.


Let us pre-inspect the property for fungal issues and remediate before going on market.


Exposure to mold can cause the following health issues:


    •  Serious Illness

    •  Eye and Lung Irritation  

    •  Respiratory Problems

    •  Sinus Congestion

    • Allergy Symptoms and Severe Allergic Reactions

    •  Asthma Attacks


Causes of mold include:

We accept:

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