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For over 34 years we’ve been improving the art of removing pet urine from carpets. The most important lesson we’ve learned is the sooner the stain is addressed the better the chances of completely removing the stain. Pet urine can penetrate the layers beyond the carpet and can create a difficult process of removing the smell.


Upholstery care is another difficult process when it comes to owning a pet and we understand that. Chuck Biagi’s Carpet Care Plus is experienced with effectively and safely removing pet stains from your furniture. We have developed proven techniques to keep your furniture clean and smelling fresh without damaging the fabric or using harsh and dangerous chemicals.

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Since 1982 Chuck Biagi’s Carpet Care Plus has been helping to remove pet stains and odors.  


Chuck Biagi has been cleaning my carpets for 20 plus years. He is the BEST! Always does a great job, even on difficult spots and stains and helps freshen this dog lover’s home. A joy to work with.


Dru Bowden


Chuck has cleaned carpets in our home for over 10 years. We have two dogs and he can get out even the toughest stains they create. Plus our carpets look brand new when he is done.


David Svatos

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