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Your Carpets will be clean, dry and beautiful in 1 Hour!

Minimal Downtime, Maximum Clean: Our 1-Hour Dry Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Since 1982, Chuck Biagi’s Carpet Care Plus has offered a variety of cleaning services designed to help maintain your busy home or office environment. We utilize both wet and dry cleaning methods that are safe for your carpets, safe for the office environment, and most importantly, safe for the people you care about. And our cleaning methods are recommended by the majority of carpet mills and manufacturers.

Whether you need your high traffic areas freshened up or you’re looking to have your entire office cleaned, Chuck Biagi’s Carpet Care Plus is the trusted choice for your cleaning needs.

What separates Chuck Biagi's Carpet Care Plus From Our Competition?

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Have you had your carpet cleaned only to have the stains reappear?

Ask about our “Whittaker Encapsulation Cleaning Process” Excellent results without the hassles of wet cleaning

Chuck Biagi’s Carpet Care Plus

A Cleaner Tomorrow Starts Today: Our Green Approved Carpet Cleaning Process

At Chuck Biagi’s Carpet Care Plus, we’re committed to a cleaner future for our planet and your workspace. Our Green Approved Cleaning Process utilizes the Whittaker Encapsulation Method, a low-moisture cleaning system that significantly reduces water usage and eliminates harsh chemicals. This eco-friendly approach not only protects the environment but also contributes to a healthier indoor air quality for your employees and clients. By choosing our Green Approved Cleaning Process, you can enjoy pristine carpets while making a positive impact on the planet.tunesharemore_vert
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