Pet Stain Removal

High End Area Rug Cleaning

At Chuck Biagi’s Carpet Care Plus we know the struggle that comes with owning a pet and still keeping the house clean. Whether it be a new pet that is being potty trained, or the large amounts of hair that come with having an indoor pet, we’re experienced and equipped to handle it all. For nearly 40 years we’ve been perfecting the art of completely removing pet urine from carpets. The most important lesson we’ve learned is the sooner the stain is addressed the better the chances of completely removing the stain. Pet urine can penetrate the layers beyond the carpet and can create a difficult process of removing the smell.

Upholstery care is another difficult process when it comes to owning a pet and we understand that. Luckily, Chuck Biagi’s Carpet Care Plus is experienced with effectively and safely removing pet stains from your furniture. We have developed proven techniques to keep your furniture clean and smelling fresh without damaging the fabric or using harsh and dangerous chemicals.

Give Chuck a call today and ask him about his special tips and tricks to making the first 6 months of your pet owning experience as clean as possible!

What separates Chuck Biagi's Carpet Care Plus From Our Competition?
  • Green Approved Carpet Cleaners
  • IICRC Certified and Trained Technicians
  • Whittaker Encapsulation Cleaning Process
  • Over 4 Decades of Water Extraction Experience


Have you had your carpet cleaned only to have the stains reappear?

Ask about our "Whittaker Encapsulation Cleaning Process" Excellent results without the hassles of wet cleaning

Chuck Biagi’s Carpet Care Plus is a leader in delivering Green approved and safer cleaning services.

We feature The Whittaker Encapsulation cleaning method and utilize the amazing power of the Smart Care Trio system to make your carpets look great. Incredible results without the fuss. Your carpets are clean and fresh, they look great and they are dry within an hour . Ask about our CAMP or carpet appearance management programs. We provide periodically scheduled cleaning services to help better maintain your carpets appearance level, while also helping to extend the carpets lifespan. Since your carpets represented a significant investment, doesn’t it make good sense to protect and preserve that investment?