Tile and Grout Cleaning

Proven Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

The tile and grout in your home or office is a process that can be very labor extensive and time consuming. As foot traffic brings dirt in from outside, it can cause the crevices in your tile and grout to collect and build up. While store bought products can help clean some of this dirt out, the only way to truly clean your tile and grout is with a professional service. Our effective equipment and experienced technicians can get the areas of your tile and grout clean you previously thought impossible.

With our decades of experience we have been able to learn specific techniques proven to keep your floors clean long after we’ve finished our job. After cleaning the tile and grout we can also add a sealant for an additional charge that can keep your floors cleaner for a longer period of time!

What separates Chuck Biagi's Carpet Care Plus From Our Competition?
  • Green Approved Carpet Cleaners
  • IICRC Certified and Trained Technicians
  • Whittaker Encapsulation Cleaning Process
  • Over 4 Decades of Water Extraction Experience


Have you had your carpet cleaned only to have the stains reappear?

Ask about our "Whittaker Encapsulation Cleaning Process" Excellent results without the hassles of wet cleaning

Chuck Biagi’s Carpet Care Plus is a leader in delivering Green approved and safer cleaning services.

We feature The Whittaker Encapsulation cleaning method and utilize the amazing power of the Smart Care Trio system to make your carpets look great. Incredible results without the fuss. Your carpets are clean and fresh, they look great and they are dry within an hour . Ask about our CAMP or carpet appearance management programs. We provide periodically scheduled cleaning services to help better maintain your carpets appearance level, while also helping to extend the carpets lifespan. Since your carpets represented a significant investment, doesn’t it make good sense to protect and preserve that investment?